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As a writer myself with very high standards, I was surprised and pleased that the book hooked me right from the beginning and never let me go. As an attorney, I have often represented children or their parents in the “child protection” system – an oxymoron – so the story resonated on many levels. As an atheist, the “faith” part could have easily become oppressive but in the end it illustrates the problem of blind belief in anything. The middle of the book did too much telling over showing and the omnipotent viewpoint sometimes made it hard to figure out who was talking. But fortunately, the reader is hooked by then and has to keep going. I thought I had the ending figured out but it was a little different than I had anticipated. Given the state of politics today, in fact the author may be prescient in that her solution is the only one that will work. An excellent read.

Dianne Post

The book is now available!!!

Mark and I finished the final details and the book is up on Amazon for either a hard copy purchase or Kindle download!!!

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We’re almost there!!

After two weeks of finalizing the hard copy proof of the book, we are finally ready to go. The book should be debuted by March 20th. We’ll keep you posted.

Can finally see the finish line!

After fifteen years of writing, rewriting, editing, re-editing and dealing with personal and professional challenges, Mark and I have finally finished our book, A Protocol for Grace. We hope you enjoy reading the book and welcome your questions, comments.